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Monday, 21 May 2012

For What it's Worth

Proudly I share with my few but loyal followers a new poem which has been chosen by World Poetry Movement for publication and named one of the best poems in their submission library of 2011.  World Poetry Movement is based in Sweden with a U.S. office in Park City Utah.

A Valuation of Life

I will die a thousand deaths of boredom
in the company of the multitudes of fools.
Those educated in the ways of finance and economy
yet knowing nothing at all of the poetry
that unifies all magical ways of Earth.
For neither in a new and awakening world,
nor in a world exasperating in final winded death,
or in the interim, would they pose a usefulness of ideas.

There was never a concerning of monetary values
in the measures of beginnings, endings, or life’s worth.
But poets, but minstrels, but storytellers bear truths.
Wisdom and knowing adorning in vibrant imagery
of the expanse and collapse of a passionate universe.
Worlds full of selfish desire and empathetic touches,
brewed in raindrops, in meadow dew, in glacial freeze.

And what of the banker’s timed devaluations
for the brief possessions gathered, holding little of value.
No daily expense tally ever was calculated
for the guarantee that the cost of ones breaths in a lifetime
was to be measured and garnered at the moment of birth.
They can never sell a first kiss for the price of a moonbeam
or mortgage a heart for five hundred amortized dreams.
Thin are the bankers believing they hold possessions of value.
They are poor of true value and virtue to paint a greater canvas;
for which truth will die a thousand deaths with ease.

Christine Falk

as always .... Peace

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