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Monday, 9 July 2012

it's a writers life

Here I am on the shelf at Greenwoods on Whyte waiting to come home with you. Like most authors it is a bit of a thrill seeing your volumes on display in a book store. A nice feeling.
My publisher has been working with me to gain greater exposure and I’m working on some promotions at the Rural Libraries Conferences in the Edmonton and Grande Prairie Conferences this Summer through Alberta Books Canada. Unremarkable in Light will also be promoted in September by Author House at the Word On The Street Festival in Toronto, Ontario.
The promotional aspects of book selling has been an educational journey I am excited to be learning all that is new to me. At home I continue to build structure on the next novel and also doing some online learning for improving my writing skills. Getting back into writing since breaking my arm this past winter has been slow. Bike riding now has helped to improve my wrist strength; and boy do I feel it in my legs. This too is a good thing; I remind myself after every ride. Other than all that I am focusing a lot on poetry.
All this keeps me rather busy considering I also have a great full time job at Notables on High Street and am getting ready for my second year as an Edmonton Folk Music Festival volunteer. You can find me in the merchandise tent behind the main stage. More on that later as it also ties into part of the story line in the next book. That’s everything in the update of this writer’s life.
Until next time;
Peace Always.

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