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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Me and My Pen

I have a little something to celebrate. Tomorrow, November 2, is Fountain Pen day. We do a lot of typing or keyboarding these days it is true but fountain pens have their place in history and are growing in use presently.
Sure it’s my job to sell pens but honestly and genuinely I love writing with my fountain pen. I have a Diplomat Esteem, nothing fancy, but it fits my hand well and I love the way the ink line lays out smooth and consistent as the fine tipped stainless steel nib glides across the page. These things are important, the fit and the flow. There is a feeling of connection to the page and to the words I write that the fountain pen gives me, a feeling I don’t always share with a ball point. There is a feeling of permanence, like what I write with the Fountain Pen will be a lasting expression.
That is worth celebrating. That and the knowledge that all of my Hero’s use Fountain Pens.

Earnest Hemingway
I enjoy writing with my pen; my Fountain Pen.
Peace and happy penning.

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