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Friday, 25 July 2014

War Is Hell

It's been darn difficult to focus on projects and poetry when I turn on the news and am subject to helplessly watch as the world seems to fall apart. Yes I feel helpless, don't we all. The only tools I possess against those atrocities are my heart and my pen and I harbour thoughts of gross and ineffectual meaninglessness with such small weaponry at my disposal.
How does anyone cope these days? I try to surround myself with peace; in my words, my deeds, my heart and my pen. I help those I can by what means I have available to employ. I listen more than I talk, I give more than I take, I hold tight to the conviction that even in these times of war peace is possible. I look for others who beleive in the inherent integrity of the human race as a collective whole without giving creedence to the systemically greedy directors of malevolence.
And so, in the darkest of days, as I witness what I feel helpless to change; I take up my arms; my heart and my pen, and I write. 
Do not give up your faith friends. Truth and love are more needed now than anyone may begin to imagine. If we wish to change the world we must fully live the ideals we wish to foster in others.
Darn difficult or not what we dream is not impossible.

Full Night’s Turmoil

my lips whisper my heart roars
stars scatter in the blackness
stone Sun falls
I dream the thought into you
you confiscate my road out escape
we fit like silence and hurricane
somehow breath is mutual like one lung exists
we spit in the dirt
and watch the sky turn blue together

Ó 2014

Christine Falk

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