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Monday, 7 July 2014

With All my Life I Write

Any writer will tell you it is imposible to truely separeate life from art, and why would we?  Life is what creates art and art is reflective of life. Also the generalized advice to new writers is to write what you know. On that note I encourage any writer to have outside interests and to incorporate all of thier interests into their written work if they are to present well rounded expressions of life as they experience it.
For myself certain aspects of Physics have always fasinated me, music in life is also an interest, and my study of these concepts have certainly expanded the bredth of my writing. I frequently find myself incorporating my outside interests and leisure studies into the words I write.
Here below I offer a different style of poem, softly cryptic, incorporating my consideration of musicality as it relates to being.

Birth of Cymatic C

The Torus is the primary.
the tetrahedron (m) and the flower of life (f)
are a harmonizing of 432hz within the prime.
This is the secure and constant source.
In the Pythagorean diatonic primary
the minor seventh a dissonance (m)
requiring resolution to a consonance (f).
Earth sings.

peace; Christine

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