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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

What About Love?

Here we all are together on the thin end of another year as it passes into the next. They say now is the time to take stock of our days, count our blessings, and view the shortcomings as those things we aim to change. We look at opportunities for improvement in our personal lives, our communities, and in our country. Why do these list tend to look the same year after year? We always hope to improve the same faltering issues.

  • We wish for more comfortable finances
  • We wish for improved health
  • We wish for fair and just representation by our leaders
  • We wish for peace and understanding
What about love?
The complexity of that question is without end but maybe a shift in how we perceive, practice, and teach love is key in every other area we wish to improve upon.
Somewhere along the way to becoming what it is, the human race created a sense of structure to love, how to have it, how to practice it, what makes it good or bad. Many are still today living by ideologies about love that were structured centuries past. It makes little sense in this modern day when so many other antiquated concepts are being redefined, to still be looking at and thinking of love the same way. People have fought year upon year for equality in income, cooperative healthcare, transparent government, and compassion among men and nations. What about love?
Consider a reconsidered view of love. Not an envious, ailing, suppressive, or vicitmizing kind of love. Consider equal love, cooperative love, transparent love, compassionate love. This is universal love. This is the transforming and uplifting love that improves personal lives, communities, and nations.
So I ask, as you make your resolutions and plan your improvements for the coming year “What about love?” As we make our plans where we wish room for improvement, improving on love has the power to improve everything.
Peace and Love, always.

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