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Thursday, 10 March 2011

March has yet to impress me.

So it has been an unproductive stretch of days since my last post, mostly because the weather seems to genuinely affect my writing productivity. Sunny days are much more inspirational.
I have been updated by the publisher and am informed that the gally and layout for “Unremarkable in Light” will soon arrive in my in-box for my review and approval. This of course brings the book just a bit closer to publication. I’m excited for that. I’ve added another excerpt from “Unremarkable in Light” to the link on the right. Stay tuned for future blogs to read the story description and learn more about Earl.
In preparation for the book I have been considering my marketing options. I’ve learned that this is a challenging aspect of the publishing process for many writers. Personally I am wondering how to maintain a sense of humble modesty and still successfully “sell” this accomplishment.  I've never been one for public readings so the idea of any sort of book reading or signing, etc would be a stretch out of character.  There are other options and I do ultimatly want sales. I'll get back to you on that topic.
There is a new article on my Suite 101 page, Apartment hunting Tips.  My Suite 101 articles are geared towards sharing information that would benefit people who are newly independant.  Other articles include Developing a Monthly Budget, and Solutions to Everyday Laundry Problems. The next article submission will be a summary of the Alberta Landlord and Tenant Act.
On a personal note I am planning a much needed trip into Edmonton on the weekend of the 18th.  While there I'll be meeting with friends, maybe some shopping, and taking in a show by a favorite musician, Bill Bourne, at Rusty Reed's House of Blues. Bourne will be debuting his newest album, Free Radio Dance Band.  See my review of the album in the link to the right, Roots and Blues Reviews.

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