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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Not Soon Enough

So it seems that timely and perfect do not come in the same package. 
I chose to send "Unremarkable in Light" back for a few changes I felt were important to make so there are delays associated with that decision. Delays now will of course affect my handling of book release events also. Changes coming are slow to turn, difficulties arrise in job hunting and appartment hunting from a distance. I am waiting to know if the perfect appartment is mine and will have my answer tomorrow with a little help from angel friend Claudia.
I am so excited for the changes it is a task to be patient.
Also things have been so very busy (2 jobs, planning this move, helping my son prepare for his move, life in general - birthdays, weddings, you name it) there has been little time to write. Oh how I miss unraveling my day & my inspirations on the page. Sure there have been jotted notes & a few creative poetic starts but not the time I like to take with words. So in a month when all the packing & unpacking is done, when new becomes comfortable, and when there are once again enough hours in the day I will write in the way I am best at. 
For all the things I am being patient for this one thing is the greatest challenge.  For all the welcome changes this one thing I longingly wish would be the same.  A day at my desk with my pen and my note books and my favorite music to listen to and a decent cup of tea can not come soon enough.

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