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Sunday, 24 July 2011

At last ..... BUY THIS BOOK! YEAH!


From the first ideas of this story line until today I have pushed myself for my own level of excellence towards the final goal of publication. Quietly and diligently the notes evolved into chapters, the chapters into a completed story. I have come to love these characters like family, even the antagonist is bound to my heart. Relentlessly I worked each line, each paragraph, each page. Then the pitch and the publisher comes into play, a learning experience in itself.

TODAY my first novel UNREMARKABLE IN LIGHT is available for sale. Today is a truly JOYFUL day for me. I’ll compare it to watching my sons graduate, knowing that I put my best effort into getting to that moment and feeling all of the struggles evaporate into triumph and pride for the future of those good men, once babes in my arms. This feels exactly like that.


UNREMARKABLE IN LIGHT is NOW available on-line through Amazon Books and through Chapters or you can order a copy from your local book store. Request the title UNREMARKABLE IN LIGHT or by author CHRISTINE FALK or by the ISBN number
9781456749781 hardcover or 9781456749798 soft cover. Prices may vary but expect to pay about $11.00 for paper back copies and $22.00 for hardcover copies. Please note: if you choose to buy on Amazon clicking the yellow “see all buying options” tab on the right of the screen will offer the best price option and ordering from your local bookstore such as Coles may save you some shipping charges.

UNREMARKABLE IN LIGHT is a fictional story of one man’s personal and individual journey of recovery from unspeakable child abuse. This is an issue close to my heart, I have never experienced any kind of abuse but I feel childhood is a special time in everyone’s life and that no child should ever live in fear. On this note I have pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of UNREMARKABLE IN LIGHT to the KID’S HELP LINE, an organization dedicated to helping children in need or in fear.

Please view the book excerpts and description through the UNREMARKABLE IN LIGHT link on the right or use the links provided here to go directly to the AMAZON or CHAPTERS site page where you can order this book on-line.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement, today is a fabulous day for me and I thank my family and friends, new and old, for believing in me and helping me to believe this day is possible. I think it's a great story and I hope you all buy a copy. I welcome and look forward to all comments and reviews.

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