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Sunday, 22 April 2012

I'm So Excited ...

I’m so excited for busy times ahead.
Today is Sunday April 22 which is the beginning of Poetry Week here in the city.
I will be at Expressions Café this afternoon for Champagne Opportunities and at Chuchill Square tomorrow for Concrete Poetry. Then tomorrow night I am excited to be taking part in Blinks in The Heart at The Artery. There will be many more exciting poetry events this week at locations throughout Edmonton - Stanley A. Milner Library, CBC Centre Stage, Audrey’s, The Artery, and many more locations. There will be opportunities all this week to experience poetry first hand; French poetry, Queer poetry, Slam poetry, Poetry and Music, and various other readings and poetic happenings. Check out the Edmonton Poetry Festival online for all the fun filled information.
Another thing I’m gearing up for is my next novel. I hope not to jinx myself but I’ve been laying out a lot of story line concepts and character profiles etc. over the past several months and feel like I’m more or less ready to start bringing it all together. This is an exciting phase of the over-all process for me because I really get to play with words and imagery now. It may be a long process, but a most enjoyable step to take. It will of course mean that I become even more immersed and thus a little more reclusive. I know, you ask “how is that possible?” Haha.
Other news on the horizon: my arm has mended quite nicely (only a few more physio sessions needed), Summer Summer Summer is on the way, and Monday is election day. I’m excited to have the occasion to vote.
Also, today is Earth Day. I am thankful for all that she has given me and hope that, in my own small way, I can do my part to give back towards lasting sustainability of our wonderous planet.
That’s it for today’s update.
Don't forget to vote, it just may help to create the change you hope for.
Peace always.

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