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Sunday, 4 March 2012

a Dream and a Song

Written in early hours from my bed and inspired by a song about what it means to be home the following poem is a favourite piece.
For that reason I am especially pleased to share that it has also been chosen for publication.  My hope to you the reader is that you may also have felt in some way a similar sentiment of belonging and of love in your time.

You In Me

Let me be a room inside you,
sanctuary within your walls,
and you in me the same security.
I to cover you,
hold sentry at the gate
guarded like a secret in the rain.
A song in the hands of a child.
I to build in you a safe haven
and you in me the same security.
To take cover from others clutches,
to be lost in each others arms.
To be home.
Hearts in hands, in stone fortress,
in deep green eyed intensity.
In cooled evening and in white bed sheets
and you in me the same intensity,
and like cooled bed sheets
the same security.

Peace always;

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  1. What a wonderful piece of work Christine. Congrats to you as well.