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Sunday, 9 September 2012

This Pleases Me

When readers comment on “Unremarkable in Light” the comments are often focused on the realistic connection to the characters in the story and on the descriptive use of setting in relation to the story line. This pleases me. I most wanted to achieve two things in my writing; one was to build characters who were natural and not contrived with their interactions to each other and also with the reader, my second goal was to write what I envisioned in a way that the reader could picture the same vision. Yes a picture is worth a thousand words. However creating a picture out of words is no simple task. Try describing a photo to someone without showing the actual photo; word choice is key in conveying a picture textually.

Character and setting are of course only two factors in story telling. They are employed to help a writer share the underlying issues of the story. The team at Author House publishing understood what I was hoping to convey in this story. They have conveyed their understanding in the publishers press release which they share with book stores, libraries, and other industry partners. This pleases me.

It is good, from a writer’s perspective, to feel that the publishers understand the work you present to them and that they will present it to others in the spirit in which it was written. I thank them for that and can feel confident that when they represent the book it is presented as more than just words on a page. They have seen the heart of the story, they have seen the light in the window. This pleases me.


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