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Tuesday, 2 October 2012


I know the last blog post was not that long ago but a few nice things have been happening since then that I want to share.

In my never fading pursuit of knowledge I completed a course last month on communication skills and how to deal with difficult people. I’m not really a people person and I learned some things that are helping out at work. Mostly I think it will help me deal with my family; if you have a family maybe you understand that.

The book, Unremarkable in Light, was part of my publishers showcase at Words in The Street in Toronto which was held this past weekend and I am hoping this inclusion will bolster the book sales this holiday season. The novel was on display and was included in the Words on The Street book catalog.

The Stroll of Poets have resumed poetry readings at Upper Crust Café and now also at Audrey’s Book Store. Last years readings were held at Upper Crust café on Mondays and at Greenwoods on Sundays however Greenwoods is sadly in the process of closing their doors and so a new venue had to be found. Audrey’s was gracious to host on the evenings that Greenwoods would normally have done. This past Monday at Upper Crust cafe I chose to read one of my own favorite works; “Emily In The Woods”, a tribute to Emily Carr.

Also on Monday I received in my mail box a copy of Stars In Our Hearts - Memories from World Poetry Movement, Editor - Suzanne Hilary. My work “You In Me” was submitted and chosen for print in this poetry compilation.
At the end of October you can see me at the Words in the Park Book Sale and Fair. Meet me and other local authors and support us in our book sales, come out on Saturday October 27th at the Strathcona County Library in Sherwood Park. It will be a great place to meet and greet and maybe find a nice gift or something for yourself. A good book always helps in the long cold winter hours.
I still do get asked often how the next book is coming; it’s coming. I’ve been working on it and it is evolving nicely although I imagine another year before I can even think of sending it to the publisher. I will however spill the beans on the potential name of the main character; his name is Emil. The books working title is “The Life of Trees”. Sometimes, as you may have guessed, poetry gets in the way of fiction. Trips it up.

Until next time - write a letter to someone you love. It’s just a nice thing to do.



Emily in The Woods

Faces in the deep and darkest woods,
a ghostly haunting of coastal energy
vanished in the still of the branches.
Ages danced into the stirring press of waves.
Totems and timbers and time,
all ancient,
full of chanting wisdom
and a memory deeper than ancestral tribal tales.
Fiercely as if beckoned by their whispers,
shared of branch and breeze,
Emily roams into the carved smiles of history
and wonders how to paint their eyes
and their ancestral stories
with the same uncivilized brush.
In the presence of the towering forest
she an obedient yet unrelated messenger.
We should then speak commonly
of the mighty things that humble us.
We should then speak often
of forceful timbers carved by the hands of time lost
and the silent artist
consumed by her place in the living relics.

© Christine Falk 2011

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