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Monday, 14 January 2013

Bring it On

Here we are nearly 2 weeks into the New Year. Bring it on. I have not run off to live in the woods but rather am right here living in words. Working on the novel and occasionally creating a bit of poetry also gives me a great deal of satisfaction and consumes many hours of my day. I do get lost in the alphabet jungle. It is very rewarding both now in the moment and also looking forward to completing the projects I am working on. I love the process beginning to end.

Speaking of the beginnings I often have moments of inspiration in odd situations and locations; when I am driving, during unrelated conversations, and on my morning bus commute. Sadly I don’t always have a pen and paper or an opportunity to write thoughts down. This is the bane of many writers. For an example I offer an unedited thought/poem direct from the morning shower.


In my youth
The days did fly
They were gone in glittery flashes
Now I am older
My hair is longer
My thoughts are longer
My days stretch like Old Fashioned Taffy

I’m deciding if I should keep this, edit this, shred this, dissect this.
Maybe I will leave it here a while as I get back to the projects at hand.
An indulgence for a latter day.

Peace to all today and in the New Year.


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