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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Moving Forward

Words consume my time more than ever these days. I love that!! They energize me to push forward. In addition to finally completing a rough draft chapbook I am attending poetry night at The Upper Crust more frequently and had my turn as the mike host three weeks ago and my turn as a scheduled reader two weeks ago. I read three pieces on my scheduled read, all previously unpublished. My final selection for the reading was titled Breathe.


It’s really that simple.
Put Peace in your every Breath
from your first to your last.
Breathe, Peace, Breathe, Peace, Breathe
Until you can not Breathe without Peace,
until without Peace you can not Breathe.
Breathe, Peace, Breathe, Peace,

The way your infant breath came
before life and chaos
consumed the quiet breathing
Breathe, Peace, Breathe, Peace,

The way your last Breath will echo your first.
The way your babies will echo your ancestral past.
The way the world was meant to turn within the universe.
Breathe, Peace, Breathe, Peace,

The way trees bend. The way rivers flow.
The way the moon reflects the sun.
Breathe, Peace, Breathe, Peace

The way a kiss feels in the heart.
The way sunlight feels in December.
Breathe, Peace, Breathe, Peace

The way it is meant for each of us
How it could be for all of us
From the first to the last
Breathe, Peace, Breathe, Peace

Peace Peace

I have been wanting to move away from the poetry to dedicate my time more toward the book but as I may have mentioned before poetry has a way of getting in the way.
Speaking of the book in progress I have been finding great inspirations here in the city; new friends, old art exhibits, bad weather, and good history. With these things in mind I am moving forward with a great story that will take you back and roll you around this lovely province of Alberta.
Can’t wait?
Neither can I.



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