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Thursday, 5 September 2013

A busy day.

A Busy Day.
Sometimes I get a little busy, sometimes things get piled up like a train wreck where all my projects leave the tracks and stack into a mish-mash of words. Writing sometimes happens in fifteen minute spurts during morning coffee or lunch breaks, networking and planning all needs to get done after hours or on days off from the day job. Yes I'm still writing that book, I am liking the texture that is beginning to develope in this story. All that usual human stuff like clean laundry and healthy eating gets pushed in between the pages of a haggard day planner. Time for relaxing is not always relaxing because it’s hard to turn off the hamster wheel between my ears. Today I am sort of getting my projects and my days back on track. This morning I am blessed with just enough time to sort some of the messy writing bits out and share writing news with friends. Maybe even eat a proper meal or read from one of the many books I want to read this fall and winter.
Earlier in the week I was called to view my first binder proof of a poetry project I am working on with Page Master Publication. This morning I sent in a few small edits and am getting excited for the completed project - stay tuned for book release date. Also in writing news I will again be attending Words in The Park Saturday October 19 where you can meet me and many other local authors and buy some excellent books during Lit Fest which runs October 15 to the 24th.
I am also excited for Stroll of Poets group starting up again after summer break. Stroll members meet and share their poetry weekly at two location in the city; Upper Crust Bistro and Audrey’s Books. The schedule can be viewed on their web-site. I will be a feature reader of Stroll of Poets on Sunday October 20 at Audrey’s Book Store.
Another of my works of poetry which addresses the topic of poverty and homelessness is going to appear in the November issue of Alberta Street News, published monthly in the city of Edmonton by the Edmonton Street News Society.
In Other News
At my employment where I sell beautiful pens at Notables Stationers we will be hosting a fun filled pen event in early November. As is our tradition our long standing main pen supplier LSF Trading of Woodbridge Ontario will be represented by Michael Pons. His attendance is one of the factors that makes the event fun and informative, Michael has a lifelong dedication to quality writing instruments, he really knows pens. It is a true pleasure for us to have him visit and take part in our annual pen event.

In case you are wondering about what this writer is reading or hopes to read, that pile of books by the bed I will share a few of my ecentric picks.
  • Rabbit Boss by Thomas Sanchez
  • House of Earth by Woody Guthrie
  • Ten Lost Years, Memories of Canadians Who Survived the Depression by Barry Broadfoot
  • American Slavery As It Is, Testimony of a Thousand Slaves by the American Anti-Slavery Society
I'll let you know how the reading goes; it's hard to fit that in on a busy day.

Peace: Christine

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