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Monday, 9 December 2013

A Note About the Season

A Note About the Season

The day before yesterday I took part in an event called Authors for Altruism. Edmonton authors gathered together for a book sale and silent auction to benefit local charities. Yesterday I went to the staff Holiday party that my employer generously hosted in her home. The entire staff attends, there was an amazing dinner and games and gifts. A fun time. After that I stopped at the CD release party for “An Edmonton Christmas, live off the floor” at The Artery on Jasper Avenue. I missed the first set but caught some great live music in the second half. All Edmonton musicians and all Christmas. Also a fun gathering. I feel blessed when I can be a small part of these joyous occasions that are focused on the giving of the Season.

It is fair however to say that I am not always a willing participant in holiday festivities. I know I am not alone in saying I could do without all of the commercial trappings and religious conflict that seems to permeate some aspects of this time of year. In addition people often feel pressured to spend money they do not have or give more of themselves or their time than they can reasonably handle. On top of that I speak personally in saying memories of past losses can come back to hang about during the holidays. I am reminded of the last Christmas spent with my father, my brother in law, a close friend, and others I have loved and lost. I wish for one more shared meal, one more hug, one more laugh together. I feel this loss most especially during this time of gathering together. It can be quite easy to weary of the demands of the seasons.

So tonight I am staying in and making some phone calls to some of the people I love. There are events I could attend, there always are, but I feel I am needing a cozy night in.

My wish for all of you today and throughout the season; if you are able to spend time with loved ones, if they are a quick phone call away, or their memory is cradled in your heart, I am wishing you all a holiday filled of love. Be giving, be gentle with others, be loving and appreciative. Most of all be gentle with yourself.

Peace and blessings to you all from my heart to yours.

Christine Falk



These things stifle my breath:
February ice winds,
Red skin sun burn on my back,
Your smile.

These things cause me to gasp:
The reasons behind revolution,
Tears from a child,
Your arms when we hug.

These things stifle my breath
and cause me to gasp:
The white dress frozen on the clothes line,
Boot heals on clean carpet,
Your deepest laughter.

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