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Monday, 3 February 2014

Telling Stories

Every picture tells a thousand words.
Every face tells a story.
There are a thousand stories in the city.
I love to write. I do it every day. So as you know I am a poet and I am working on a novel.
You must also have a story, the story of you. Maybe something you would like to put down on paper for your children, or your grand children, or your family. You have a legacy that is yours to tell. The history of you.
Maybe you have thought about that and didn't know where to begin or what to include. Maybe it seems like a big task. And yet you can't help thinking of the photos you see in the family album and feeling that maybe each of those photos leaves more questions than answers.
Sometimes people want to tell their life story but feel they have left the task too long; eyes grow weary, hands get weak, sometimes memory fades. You need someone to write your story, put it all together and bind it with the same care you yourself would give. I can help.
Message me here for a free consultation. I can help you write your life story. Your history deserves to be told.

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