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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

of LOVE and LIGHT and Life

Of course I should begin the new year with poetry. May your year carry love and light in your own life and the lives you are shared in.  May the you that you were yesterday be good enough for today and this new year ahead of us. May your light be as bright. May your heart be as gentle.

Nothing Has Changed

Nothing has changed.
Nothing has changed but my heart and the way I hold my pen,
And the truths I keep. Your secrets. Truths of my own.
And yours become mine and in keeping secret truths
Our breathing becomes matched.
Breath for breath for breath until breath ceases;
Until the rain ceases to be rain,
Until dark clouds fall apart and become blue sky.
As like clouds we fall apart. We know now.
We know that a secret is never a lie but a difficult truth untold.
And so you and the clouds are both gone
And I remain here with the difficult truth.
With your untold secret in my unspoken breath.
And with knowing, and with never having to say,
I feel more your friend now than when we began.
I, here without the comforts of your breath.
Here with only the comforts of truth.
And we, both here in this opportune day,
Both in this opportune month of difficult truth
are blessed to put it all behind us.
This opportunity to move forward.
To move into new days and lighter truths.
Your secrets move with me.
Your truths move with you; together, and apart,
secrets and truths and you and I
Find truth and honesty in the new sunrise
and breath our secrets breaths.
And I know by the way I hold my pen that nothing has changed.
Nothing has changed
But our hearts.

The Absence of Light

Believe to have never lost love.
Every love is here within the heart.
Every love maintains the soul.
Love experience is freely shared
and souls do not die away.

This life is temporary,
this body is a temporary vessel.
This love we know is eternal,
this light within is interminable
The soul is alight with love.
To the greater light souls go.
To the greater light united.

And as one arrives here,
as new souls filled of light arrive,
As for birth into life
transformed light comes from greater light.
It is renewed life and original love.

Do not imagine a specific light to return.
Light into light is like rivers into the seas.
That which is streamed in can not be retrieved
no more than a single drop can be added in
to be pulled out again from the greater pool.

Life is many drops from one pool.
Love is many drops from one pool.
Light and love are of an infinite single source.
The greater light is an infinite all.
Within our souls we are one light.

Believe to have never lost any love.
There will be no darkness,
Only the momentary absence of light.

Cold Fusion

What do you know of frost
It’s been said there are
no straight lines in nature.
Here is defined patterns,
bursts and clusters
as even the cold air
expresses it’s energy.
Tree branches
brittle and bare,
thick with white;
fragile delicate mysteries
created in cold aridity.

Christine Falk

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