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Monday, 14 April 2014

Have a Little Faith

Work continues on the new book “The Life of Trees”. I am 20 chapters in; not definite but that’s likely the halfway point. The story is a multicultural and multigenerational look at one Alberta family’s journey. In these pages I touch on many aspects of Alberta history, both positive and negative, in relation to the many cultures and traditions that contribute to the current Alberta and Canada we know. In this new fiction we meet many interesting people including determined European immigrants, resilient Native souls, and a Japanese man struggling to maintain ties to traditions. We see what binds this family together and what breaks them apart. I am excited to sit down and write on this book and hope my readers will be greatly pleased with the result.
I am also preparing for a trip north for a book sale at the Rycroft Public Library on May 31st as part of their anniversary celebrations. I will be bringing copies of “Unremarkable In Light” as well as “First and Jasper” for sale and will be talking about the writing I am working on and how I have worked to develop this passion.
In light of this upcoming event I have produced, and will have for sale, a new book of poetry titled “Faith, Grace, and Other Things We’ve Lost” which touches on many topics both personal and public and which I have chosen to dedicate to my family.
If you are in the Rycroft area on May 31st I hope you can come out to support the library and greet me or if you would like to buy any of my pieces but can’t attend the event please message me here or in my e-mail at




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