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Monday, 13 October 2014

Moving Forward

A giving of thanks and gratitude.
Moving forward I am finding new ways to be a better writer, finding new ways to be involved in my community, finding new ways to be a better person tomorrow than I view myself today. Always, from my first day to my last, I am becoming. What I am becoming is the reflection of my actions and my words, and these are reflections of my perception. When I fail to move forward, when I fail to gain insight and knowledge, then what I am becoming seems stale. What tragedy it would be for my soul should my days ever feel stale and dry. What joy there is in the juice of knowledge to nourish my every tomorrow and let my soul be an ever living force.
Today, Thanksgiving day, this day of gratitude, I rejoice in the ever-changing year and the ever-changing seasons, each gentle in becoming the next. Today I am grateful for the ever changing faces I am blessed to call friends and the ever changing days which become me in my ever moving forward and developing perspective.
I hope for all to have a sense of moving forward, a sense of becoming. Become older (you get no choice), become more knowing, become more defined, become softer, become an instrument of warmth in this cold world.
One present hope is to become a better writer, to move forward in this joyful task and to share this becoming with you.
With gratitude;

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