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Thursday, 6 November 2014

A Struggle With Words

Not everyone writes everyday as I do but occasionally people choose to take up their pen and make a permanent record of their thoughts or feeling on a subject. This can lead to some frustration regardless of the subject matter. Writing can seem to become an erratic ramble if the writer has not given some thought to what they really wish to say in their letter. It is, in my mind, always recommended to start with a plan. This does not need to be overly structured, just a loose outline of the main points as a guideline to your topic and paragraph structure. I recommend a basic beginning, middle and end to the work; this will prevent run-on sentences and paragraphs from forming. Also important, never send a first draft. Write your letter, and then read it over to sound out the general flow and catch any small errors with a quick but thorough edit. Where a first draft can seem emotional or impassioned an edited proofread will help the writing to feel more structured and polished.

“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” John Donne


The Long Day

As the first light breaks and blesses the day
I consent to my place in the beautiful universe
and I take hold my pen to break the white page.
I easily write seven pages, then I write three more.
Each word freely spills out in a flood rush.
I listen to every song I know to suit this movement
where the sun and my pen are taking me
feeling I could express myself enough
to fill a heavy book.
I find new words, add five pages,
feeling there is more to say.
I listen to more songs as the
noonday sun passes overhead.
The sun seeks far horizon,
I seek out yet more words.
As I write I feel every movement through my pen.
As I write I breath every stillness through my heart.
My heart then asks for a greater voice in this matter.
I walk away, I rethink everything about the day,
I return.
I look up at the sun and down
at my hands and my pen.
I shut out everything but my beating heart and the truth.
In found silence and solitude I edit.
I have said too much.
I take out the flourishes and the devotional trappings.
My light is commander now as I trim these excesses away.
There is no call for this grandeur of prose.
There is no need for many pages
in need of staples and clips.
First ink set out to be a simple declaration of the heart
and need not extend itself so lavishly,
requests tight amends.
The sun and the pen and my heart and my head
break this down to five pages,
then break this down to two.
My heart's truth lays aside the wonderment
and leaves me with three easy words.
As the last sunlight of the day kisses the far horizon
I discard every messy edited page of the morning
and I save this final edit,
three words on a single sheet.
Two pages saved are folded beneath
now sunless darkened sky
and I slip them into an unassuming envelope of faith.
Two pages saved I will give to you,
a days worth of sentiment.
One page I keep. It reads three easy words.
I love you.

ã Christine Falk November 2014

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