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Saturday, 6 December 2014


A resolution is just a firm decision or determination. I guess they are usually made at New Years but since I’ve never been know for conformity I state my resolute determinations when and where I will. Also my Horoscope tells me this, “Allow yourself to say what you are feeling, and don't pretend otherwise. Learning to speak from the depths of your heart will take you into miraculous new territory.”

My poetry, for the most part, what you have seen and what you have not, has at times been described as melancholic, has been know to cause tears on more than one occasion. I like the idea that my words create emotion. I can think of no greater life purpose than to be felt in another’s heart. This is artist work, musicians and writers share this lofty reverie, to bloom open a heart from the bud.
Here is the tie in, cut to the chase, the resolution and the path my heart takes to miraculous new territory. The coming year, 2015, will be a shift point as I choose to dedicate new words into prayers and meditations. I’m truly not sure what will come of this but I expect it will compare to putting Leonard Cohen, R.W. Emerson, and Pablo Neruda in a blender. Too ambitious? Probably Charles Shultz and Dr. Seuss will give some smattering of flavour to add. Prayers and meditations should prove to be miraculous new territory indeed.
Enough pre-New-Year ramble?
I say “yes”.
So here now is a quick sample of what may be yet to come.

What is Prayer?

What is prayer but an outward asking
for positive energy
from the divine source of goodness?
What is prayer but the sharing of empathy
and a plea to be seen as worthy
and a benefit to this universal existance?
What is prayer but an acknowledgement
that we are all parts of something greater
and more essential than ourselves?
What is prayer but the ongoing development
of a lifelong kinship with light and love?
What good am I in prayer
if I do not pray for you
with all of this goodness in mind?


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