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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Words About Words

I received, just yesterday, a most welcome and timely review of my novel “Unremarkable In Light”. Welcome because I know the lady who wrote it is righteous and straightforward and timely because I have been feeling less inspired in my writing of late. To receive recognition for the forethought and planning I had infused in my character development and story structure is truly validating and helps me to know my skills are well structured and the timeline is just as important as the collective characters.
I tend to breathe myself into my characters until they are old friends who I look forward to spending time with as I write. I am truly blessed to have such fine critics who both praise my skill and note my spaces for improvement. As I mentioned I appreciate this level of honesty as it only serves to fuel my work to higher places.
Here is a little of my friend and colleagues review.

“Your characters have such depth, even the ones who are not the main characters and I appreciated the time you took with each one to express their feelings in that moment.
My favourite moments have to be the ones that Earl and James spent together. Such tenderness, love, and vulnerability mixed with uncertainty and unfamiliarity (both out of their element) in their surroundings/situation. I loved that Earl was very deliberate in his care for James. Such a beautiful and unique relationship, unlike anything I have read. Then knowing Earl's past, and all he had went through, and still seeing his ability to nurture a young boy. It's the most beautiful outcome you could hope for in that situation. Also, the evolution of trust from the beginning of James' stay until Ben returns was quite well executed.
What makes each scene memorable is not only the characters, but also the way you frame the setting with such detail and elegance. This is definitely where your poetic side shines through. Reading your descriptions of the skies, the farm, the homes etc. made for a delightful and captivating escape.
We talked briefly about structure, so I know you were also deliberate with this. The flashbacks to Earl's childhood were weaved so seamlessly, which of course just added depth to his rounded character. At times during this switch, I almost felt that Earl mirrored James in a lot of ways, not only in experiences, but in his temperament. Maybe that's why they connected so deeply.”
These kind words do inspire me to hold my pen proudly. Thank you Kristy DeSmit for sharing your thoughts with me on my writing. If I should ever doubt my skills all I should ever need to do is read your kind letter to remember that I possess a unique and magical skill crafted in hours of literary s
study and readings.

Speaking of writing, my final posts for 2014 will be about this next book I am writing titled “The Life Of Trees”. I will be introducing a few characters and also telling a bit of the Canadian history research that has painted the multigeneration story line with a very multicultural brush.

Peace for now;

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