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Friday, 26 June 2015

duck, duck, duck

It has been a while since I came here to share with you, busy getting ducks in a row. Not the carnival shooting game ducks and not the painstakingly detailed painting of decoy ducks, although sometimes it feels like this and like that. What have I been doing with my time?
I volunteered once more at North Country Fair, if you have ever thought about volunteering for something I recommend you find something that you truly enjoy and share your efforts joyfully.
Stringent review is underway of The Life of Trees including a complete rewrite of the final two chapters before I hand it over to editors. Yes, that is right editing is not far off. (Still aiming at pre-Christmas release) I become something of a recluse by this act.
I will be participating in the Authors for Altruism event on August 15th at Audrey’s Bookstore on Jasper Ave. Hope to see you there.
I have been building on poetry and learning that my natural direction is of darker subject matter. At the turn of the year I had thoughts of writing prayers and meditations but that is not the direction my thoughts aim to travel. Other things are in the works but nothing solid yet so I just go with the flow until words gel into something I can serve.
What comes into the mix is transformative of its own, expanding my reading list encompassing music, art, and philosophical directions. These influences are becoming more evident in my own efforts.
If you will imagine the ducks, some old, some new, walking in a row or flying in a vee and finding nourishment from the known sources as well as taking a bit of the new, this is my hands at work. You may not be surprised but you may stop to admire the structure and beauty of the ingrained practice of quality as it comes around.

Stay the course and stay well rounded and stay curious and stay in kindness.
Peace; Cf

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