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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Easter and Passover and Love

Easter is a time most will think about renewal, new life blossoming, and new energy in the air. It is springtime, a time to refocus and rededicate our selves. For some Passover follows Easter, a practice of surrendering the physical things we are not in need of, and in doing so a refocus develops for the things in our lives most important, that which we cannot live without. This can be more than the base requirements of food, shelter, and clothing. Indeed, we can now take stock of our relationships, our lifestyles, and our ambitions. Here we can take stock of the coming year and recognize what and where we might give in our path to fulfillment of our spiritual countenance. Here we can decide what it is in our days not needed which we may pass over, those things that may hold us back rather than drive us forward.

From me to you I wish a wondrous Easter and spring. May you celebrate and rejoice in the nessesay blessings.

Love, Joy and Peace from me to you.


First Monday in April

This is the last of my luxury.
The last of the heavy cream
in my rich Jamaican coffee.
At the end of this there is only
the water and the silence,
the familiar welcome solitudes.
Today I have smooth waxy lilies
newly blossomed on Easter Sunday
and the weight in my belly
of too much of a good meal.
Even the lingering verse
of the last gospel song
from a church I rarely attend,
a faith I am not altogether faithful to.
And now, and now,
any further thought I have
to satisfy myself in this time of sacrifice,
in this Passover surrender, is wasted.
I am overdone with all of this.
These gross overindulgences cover me
in waste of yet another holiday.
I want it to be forgotten
where every day is Passover.
I have been living for the time of penalty,
borrowed from unfamiliar customs.
I take what I can get, the bits that appeal to me.
So today while the others gorge
on left over roast meat
and after dinner sweetnesss
I will end my luxury.
My coffee cream indulgences.
In need of only the necessary things while
I choose to be in want of nothing.

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