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This Is My Light Shining

This is My Light Shining

A Note About Character

I stand accused and therefore provide my defence aware that no accusers await response to their accusation.
I have been accused of these following human faults; too kind, too gullible, too forgiving, too giving, too open, too considerate of persons other than myself. For those who see these as faults you have my compassionate sympathy in opposition of my awareness that my accusers will also deem this as fault. You see in my very soul, and my awareness of the world that I am living in, self is not such a consideration for the humane greater good I believe all contribute to.

For those who are living in thoughts that they are here to take what they can I ask this; If we are not all here to contribute to what we are part of then what are we really doing here? Look around in recognition that too much has been taken.
In address of these accusations I offer the following comments.
Too kind because for me there is no reason not to first be kind.
Too gullible and forgiving; I am aware of dark energy existing and am guarded within my own radiance, I need not allow such dark energy to detract from my own light.
There are two ways to definitively brighten the light of another; one is gratitude the other is forgiveness. Be grateful. Be humble. Every person is a human person.
Too giving and open; you might not recognize my intent but I am shielded in my chosen acts and am conscience of reasoning within the giving heart. One should not endeavour to help someone who does not ask or is not open to genuine help, be assured I am not giving more than I can personally afford or less than a best present human effort.
Too considerate of others; well you see this is just a better way to be. I encourage anyone to try.
You see, I am good with who I am. I am good with following my own light. Thanks for any concern but I dont feel I am in need of guidance or protection and thus need not ask it. I believe in my own light, my own sense of just cause because I have seen the core of my own being and know that it is brilliant. The accusations are, to me, indications that others may be less confident in their own self validation. Even so, every  glimmer of light and every goodness stands valid and valued in this world.
I am on a lifelong exploration of the human condition and the reality that I am part of it and should therefore find my own way to contribute. I am still and always becoming.
The closing comment is this; be yourself, become yourself, become humane. See that we all, regardless of what is evident in the moment, are all becoming. Accept light within yourself and within others even and especially if they are in some moment guarded or in darkness.
We are all connected in light and by light is how to travel on the journey.


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