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Friday, 7 October 2011

First and Jasper

Wow, hadn’t realized it had been so long since my last blog post. Since then I have moved to Edmonton, spent four wonderful days at Edmonton Folk Fest, and started a great new job at Notables Stationers. The summer was filled with enjoying various festivals and street performances. As Autumn rolled in I made time to explore the city’s book stores and find my favourite where I discovered long sought treasures. This new environment has also been greatly inspiring which has fostered a lot of new writing.
Book sales have started out well as the press release has been picked up by some weekly news papers. I am presently making plans for my first book signing and will post details on that as soon as they are finalized. I will also be doing some poetry readings here in the city during the winter. Wish me luck on the public speaking, it’s not exactly one of my strong points. For anyone in the Edmonton area wanting a copy of Unremarkable in Light you can message me at falkonc@hotmail.com and I can get a book to you personally.

I want to thank those of you who have read the book and responded so positively. Your kind words and comments are heartfelt and encouraging.
The next post here will certainly be information about the coming book signing. Until then I’ll leave you with a short poem.
Peace and Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

First and Jasper
I loved it first.
It’s breath and vitality,
it cheered me.
Even the lost track of
there with nowhere else to be.
Not recognizing myself
in the new reflections.
Later on it faded.
Lights and colours washed out,
leaves turned,
pay check repellently thinned by month’s end
like September tree branches.
Stepping over Saturday night spills
and discarded late night aspirations
on the way to Sunday morning’s frost
And sweet black coffee.
Everything naked
and raw and beautiful
and I eagerly loved it all again.

by Christine Falk

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  1. Very evocative poem. I enjoyed your post as always.