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Sunday, 23 October 2011

putting it "out there"

I love to write, could stay home and do just that all day and not tire of it, but a large part of self publishing is self promotion. This means leaving my desk ask going out and promoting my book. I must admit this is not my favourite aspect of this process. I press on regardless and feel like I’m gaining new skills that will pay off. If not immediately then certainly in the long run. I’m referring to public speaking and self promotion. Some of this is actually kind of fun.

On that note I have two announcements.
1.   I will be appearing at the Mid Town CafĂ© in Sexsmith Alberta on October 29th at 2pm for a book sale and signing. Book prices are $21.00 for hard cover copies and $11.50 for paperback. I will be there to speak about the book or my writing aspirations or what ever comes up and to sell and sign books. If you have already purchased a copy of Unremarkable in Light and would like to bring it to be signed I’m happy to do that also.
2.   Unremarkable in Light is now available at Greenwoods Book Shoppe (Whyte Ave) and Audrey’s Books Ltd. (Jasper Ave) in Edmonton , Alberta.

Unremarkable in Light will also continue to be available on-line through Chapter’s, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other on-line outlets. Some on-line seller also offer Unremarkable in Light as an E-Book if that is your preference.

Coming up in November I will be joining in on some poetry readings her in the city and so there will be opportunity to connect and network with other local writers. I am still working on a volume of poetry as well as the next novel and those are starting to come together very nicely now.

A special note to those friends who have already read Unremarkable in Light and have offered such heart-warming praises and support - I can not begin to tell you how much this means to me. Comments have been genuine and truly encouraging. I thank you all for that.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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