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Saturday, 19 November 2011

From the Reader

Writing can be a very solitary endeavour then publication and marketing turns everything a writer has been working on out for the public to view. The writer is hopeful that their efforts will be well received and appreciated but is guarded against overconfidence or bad reviews. Of course not everyone can be expected to like the end product.
Since Unremarkable In Light has gone into publication I have been blessed with some very positive and encouraging comments from my readers. I am very touched by some as they are reflective of how I had hoped this story would be received. I had mostly want to create characters and settings that would be accepted as real and relatable, events that were plausible, and an ending that delivered joy and hope. I wanted an unlikely hero to triumph and to share with the reader a message that success is relative ones situation. Just as Earl describes the little country church in chapter 10 is how I hope the reader can view each character in the end, and that in our darkest moments we are all most beautiful.

I want to share some of the beautiful comments I have received. The first is from a dear lady who took the time to write a most thoughtful and touching letter. All are greatly appreciated and received into my heart with gratified humility.
Evelyn Campbell - I’ve just finished reading your wonderful book. Congratulations; so very well done. The vivid descriptions of the sights and sounds along the river, leaves, insects, birds were so very real. I cried as I felt the broken home life of Earl and how her recalled his pain and lonesomeness and gave such love to James. This book captured so much of the pain and happiness of true friends. It is unbelievable the you way brought everything into the light.

Elaine Nowak-wheeler
- I also read your book; I had it read in 3 days; I normally can't sit down and read a whole book. It was well written and you described every detail with uniqueness. I am very proud of you.
Donna Yuswak 
- I loved your book. It sure touch my heart. Good job.
Courtney Young 
- I just finished your book. It was great, I couldn’t put it down. Good job cant wait for another one. Really enjoyed it.
Scott Antel 
- Good job on the book way to go.
Kim Yuswak-Gaines 
- Hi Chris, just read your book through Amazon on my Kindle. I loved it. It took me two sittings to finish it! Please write another! I am a big fan of your writing!
Joy Gallop
- I just finished your book. I thought it was awesome. I couldn’t put it down. Cried at the end. Very touching. It would make a great movie.

About the next book - I’m very excited to be presently working on the story line and creating these new characters. This is in the early stages but I feel it is coming together very well. 
In other news I was scheduled to read some poetry this past Monday but snow and city traffic wouldn’t let me. I’ve rescheduled and will read at the Stoll of Poetry reading on December 5th at the Upper Crust CafĂ©. 
As always my biggest challenge in writing still is finding time and solitude necessary to create. It is perhaps even more of a challenge since moving to the city, there is so much to see and do here. Both a blessing and a bother.

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