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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Today and Tomorrow

Today being the final day of 2011 it is natural to look forward to plans for the coming year as well as reflect on the blessings of the past 12 months. I choose to focus on the blessings, it is in this reflection that I best move forward and can positively encourage myself toward the coming year.

Highlights of this past year have included two different vocations in which I was blessed to work with some very beautiful beings. I am blessed in my employment.

My children have been blessed with their own successes, for this I am a proud and grateful parent. I am always interested to see how they are finding themselves in their journeys. I hope that they are self assured in their values and virtues as they also enter the new year.

I am thankful for my own successes both personally and professionally as I plan the next products for my writing career and endeavour to elevate my ability to be a benefit to the planet and the people I share the planet with. I hope to improve in myself and thus improve my contribution while I am here sharing myself with others on this Earth.

Moving from this day to the next, January 1 2012, I hope that you too will have blessing to be counted and positive plans for the coming year. I wish you all who read my blog and share in my journey a path of humble achievement, humane endeavours, and Peace always.

Until tomorrow & until next year….


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