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Monday, 16 January 2012

Stroll With Me

At times poetry is written as a resulting idea or emotional response to a specific event. At other times a verse of poetry is more a springing of thought as a writer rambles through their day and all of those important influences that hold a measure of meaning. A stroll through a writers thoughts would certainly reveal a multitude of creative inspirations ranging from dire importance to the writer to the most fickle flight of fancy. 
strollverb (used without object)
to wander or rove from place to place; roam
origin:1595–1605; of uncertain origin
The notion that the word stroll has uncertain origin seems most fitting to the poet in me.

I am pleased to share news I received this week that my poem I Have Loved You a Lifetime has been selected for publication in the Stroll of Poets annual anthology. 
I Have Loved You a Lifetime is a personal reflection on the impermanence of physical existence in regards to those whom I have loved and wished I had more time with.
Most will relate to this as most have lost someone and wished for another chance to say “I love you”.

I have added this piece, I Have Loved You a Lifetime, to the page of this Blog to the right; Selected Published Poems. I hope you enjoy this and other writings found here on this blog. I also hope to be reading this poem at this evenings poetry reading at the Upper Crust Café here in Edmonton.

Wishing peace to all;


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