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Thursday, 9 February 2012

left handed Haiku

The following poem, a haiku, was a piece I submitted to CKUA Radio for a Leonard Cohen contest the radio station was hosting. I am a huge fan of Cohen’s work, both musically and as an author, and could not resist this challenge. I chose to restructure some of Cohen’s own song and poetry titles to create this 5-7-5 haiku.

His mist leaves no scars
in my secret life, strangers.
Thousand kisses. Deep!

I am proud to say they selected this poem a winner and I am a winner of the new Leonard Cohen CD.

As a note to other writer’s contests such as this can be a fine boost to a struggling writer’s confidence. Also it is good to try different writing genres (I do not generally write haiku’s) to expand your experience and grow into the writer you are meant to become.

Personally I will share a bit about the broken arm I am dealing with and learning from.

The broken bone in my left arm has definitely hindered my ability to write. This blog post is being typed by my right hand, I am left handed. Note taking and typing here on my keyboard have become new challenges. I have other methods to record my thoughts, I have used a tape recorder in the past. It’s been very useful to use when I am driving and now just to record thoughts and ideas to write down later on when I get use of my left hand again.

In the interim I am finding more time to read. What does the writer read? I tend to seek out specifics. I read a lot of theology; various versions of the Bible, books on Confucianism, and Eastern teachings of Tibet and China. I have a growing interest in unified scientific theory by Einstein, Fuller, and Haramein.
In fiction works I have a few favourites authors whose works I like to re-read to study style and writer’s form. I have personally noticed a direct correlation between what I read and what I write. For that reason there are things I choose not to read; pop culture, romance and horror fiction, to name a few. I feel it best benefits me as a writer if I read in the style I aim to write. “Unremarkable in Light” is a personal story of humanity and hope as will be the next novel. I want my writing to emulate certain ideals and I therefore choose to read books that also reflect those ideals.

Until next;

Peace and Joy always.

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  1. always interested in hearing how and what you are up to. Hope your broken bone heals fast. I Rondeau