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Friday, 24 February 2012

Emily and I

Another little achievement to share. A poem I penned in March of last year and submitted to World Poetry Movement has been selected for print in the 2011 anthology “Stars in Our Hearts”. This piece is about the great Canadian artist Emily Carr who’s work I have long admired for her depth and vibrancy. I hoped to share a small measure of her passion through my words.

Peace always; Christine

Emily in The Woods
Faces in the deep and darkest woods,
a ghostly haunting of coastal energy
vanished in the still of the branches.
Ages danced into the stirring press of waves.
Totems and timbers and time,
all ancient,
full of chanting wisdom
and a memory deeper than ancestral tribal tales.
Fiercely as if beckoned by their whispers,
shared of branch and breeze,
Emily roams into the carved smiles of history
and wonders how to paint their eyes
and their ancestral stories
with the same uncivilized brush.
In the presence of the towering forest
she an obedient yet unrelated messenger.
We should then speak commonly
of the mighty things that humble us.
We should then speak often
of forceful timbers carved by the hands of time lost
and the silent artist
consumed by her place in the living relics.

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